Driving Late Bloomer

When I took my driving test at age 19, I was completely shocked that I passed on the first try. At the end of our route, I looked at my evaluator, bracing myself for the worst. "You passed. Excellent job! I'll go inside. Park the car and meet me in there." I waited until she was inside… Continue reading Driving Late Bloomer

Anti-Tammy Cooking Show

As my regular readers know, one of my guilty pleasures is watching competition shows. Summer is my favorite time because two of my favorite shows run: The Next Food Network Star and Master Chef. With as much as I enjoy watching these shows (and Chopped!), you'd think I'd enjoy watching regular cooking shows. Not so much. There is… Continue reading Anti-Tammy Cooking Show

Where You Get Friends

I always carry a notepad around with me, so whenever I'm struck by inspiration I will have someplace to write it down. Often complete blog posts are composed within the pages, with random ideas for other posts inserted here and there. Occasionally when I'm stumped for topics I go through these handmade notebooks and look for… Continue reading Where You Get Friends

Music and the Mirror

Growing up, whenever we were in the car, there was always music playing. Ma and I would sing along - her in perfect pitch and me all over the place. Thinking about that period in my life always makes me smile, as I do every time Kenny Rogers or Mama and Papas come on the… Continue reading Music and the Mirror