Do What Works

Latin Dance Shot

Back when I was dancing, my life was hyper-organized. It had to be. I was working full-time and between training with Kurt and practicing on my own, I was dancing twenty hours a week. During my dancing career, each weekend day I prepared double-batches for dinner, measuring and freezing up the leftovers. Quickly I ended… Continue reading Do What Works

Daydream Believer

When I wrote my post on the idea of building a whole new me, I had planned to write about daydreaming instead. It was another hijacked blog post! Throughout my life I've been a big daydreamer. My mind creates fabulous lives for me to live. Some are short-lived, fanciful adventures, and some go on for ages. Despite… Continue reading Daydream Believer

Music and the Mirror

Growing up, whenever we were in the car, there was always music playing. Ma and I would sing along - her in perfect pitch and me all over the place. Thinking about that period in my life always makes me smile, as I do every time Kenny Rogers or Mama and Papas come on the… Continue reading Music and the Mirror

Let Go or Hold On?

Kurt and Tammy in a Tango Promenade Position

This year has been filled with ups and downs,  new directions, exciting dead-ends and coming full circle. When 2011 started, I was a ballroom dancer. That was a HUGE part of my identity, and it was a central part of my future vocational plans. Then injury stepped in and poor medical treatment and … and...… Continue reading Let Go or Hold On?