Stimulating the Economy

Stimulate the Economy

Back in 2008 during the Great Recession, Americans received a $600 rebate when filing taxes with the hopes that everyone would spend it and stimulate the economy. Me being me, and having had my wages cut substantially, I saved mine. I did, however, adopt the expression of “stimulating the economy” to mean shopping. I am… Continue reading Stimulating the Economy

Subtle Silence

I stopped cold in the middle of the shopping aisle. Something was wrong, but what? At first the silence in my mind was so subtle that I couldn't grasp its significance. Then it dawned on me: The recitation of my shopping list that had been playing on a continual loop in my mind ever since… Continue reading Subtle Silence

Blank Page

Endless Empty Page

The cursor was mocking me. It kept flashing on that blank page, daring me to come up with an idea. Most of this blog is actually written long-hand in my spare moments away from the computer - waiting for friends, in the grocery store when inspiration strikes, in line pretty much anywhere. Why I decided… Continue reading Blank Page