Too Many Tabs

A web surfing adventure brought me to the Blogess. I love her. So often she'll say something that resonates perfectly with me ... and then take it to an extreme (which is so me but beyond my current ability level). On this latest visit to her site was a picture from A Pair of Pears that describes… Continue reading Too Many Tabs

Library Escapes

I love libraries. They have become my thinking sanctuaries. Whenever I want to get away from my usual routine, I head to the closest branch, find a spot, and sit and think. I'm always quite amazed at how big a difference a change in location can make. Being away from my normal environment helps break… Continue reading Library Escapes

Where You Get Friends

I always carry a notepad around with me, so whenever I'm struck by inspiration I will have someplace to write it down. Often complete blog posts are composed within the pages, with random ideas for other posts inserted here and there. Occasionally when I'm stumped for topics I go through these handmade notebooks and look for… Continue reading Where You Get Friends