Stimulating the Economy

Stimulate the Economy

Back in 2008 during the Great Recession, Americans received a $600 rebate when filing taxes with the hopes that everyone would spend it and stimulate the economy. Me being me, and having had my wages cut substantially, I saved mine. I did, however, adopt the expression of “stimulating the economy” to mean shopping. I am… Continue reading Stimulating the Economy

Devil Egg

lots of lemons

A couple of months ago I came home with a HUGE bag full of lemons from Hillary’s dad’s tree. I’d been dying to make preserved lemons, and Hillary came through with primary ingredient. I was a bit concerned about asking for 15-18 pieces of fruit – it sounded greedy. When Hillary relayed my request to her… Continue reading Devil Egg

There She Goes Again

Big Daddy Dial Thermometer

One of the items I purchased after my cheese class was a thermometer: The Big Daddy Dial Thermometer. It is super cool because it has a nice long stem, and it can be calibrated. My previous thermometer didn't register at low enough temperatures for some types of cheese. I put the instrument into rapidly boiling… Continue reading There She Goes Again