What I learned from dance

Tammy in the Dance Mirror

Five years ago today I suffered the injury that ended my dancing career. I remember the training session well. Kurt and I weren't meeting that day; I went to the studio by myself to practice. I was going through my special playlist of two songs for each of the 10 dances. Once the playlist was over,… Continue reading What I learned from dance

Driving Late Bloomer

When I took my driving test at age 19, I was completely shocked that I passed on the first try. At the end of our route, I looked at my evaluator, bracing myself for the worst. "You passed. Excellent job! I'll go inside. Park the car and meet me in there." I waited until she was inside… Continue reading Driving Late Bloomer

When I Grow Up

At my birthday dinner this year, I mentioned to Ms. M that for gift giving purposes, all she had to do was think of what a 1950's housewife would like. Ever since I said it, I realized there was even more truth to it than I had intended. The infamous "they" ask, "What would do… Continue reading When I Grow Up