Race Walking Update

New watch

I'm proud to announce that I am almost back on track with my reading goal. My trip to visit Ma and Tom helped with that. While it¬†looked like I could never catch up for a while, one of my goals has not been in question: walking. So far this year I have walked 2,199,201 steps.… Continue reading Race Walking Update

Getting Stuff Done

food storage, house cleaning, frugal, canning, organizing

When I first moved into my place, I bought some cheap storage containers because they fit on my oddly shaped shelves, and I could stack them. Right after I started using them, I realized that they didn't really seal, and air and determined little moths could get right into them. That really defeated the entire… Continue reading Getting Stuff Done

My Friends the Authors

In the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of supporting two of my friends in their writing endeavors. I attended a friend's talk at a book festival, and then just last week I had the privilege of being a guest at another friend's book launch. I was so excited to see my friend,… Continue reading My Friends the Authors