First Fiction Attempt

Creative Writing

My word for the year is "explore," and boy have I been out there exploring new things. So far this year I've gotten into cheese making, tried out for BookRiot, and the move closer to work, which is resulting in some fun new neighborhood explorations. Recently I quit talking about a goal of mine and… Continue reading First Fiction Attempt

MeetUp Again

Needle Threader

My first Meetup group attempt was not all I had hoped it would be. It did briefly inspire me to try my hand at creative writing. I haven’t completely given up on that idea. I have the foundation for the world where my first piece would take place, and I love researching that, and I’ve even… Continue reading MeetUp Again

Right Tool for the Job

FARMCurious Packaging

I learned many of my cooking skills from my grandmas. Having grown up during the Great Depression, they taught me to make do with what we had – I didn’t need a biscuit cutter, that’s what jam jars (or juice glasses) are for, and pastry cutters - Why buy that when there are forks on hand? To… Continue reading Right Tool for the Job