Getting Stuff Done

food storage, house cleaning, frugal, canning, organizing

When I first moved into my place, I bought some cheap storage containers because they fit on my oddly shaped shelves, and I could stack them. Right after I started using them, I realized that they didn't really seal, and air and determined little moths could get right into them. That really defeated the entire… Continue reading Getting Stuff Done


I spend every November handwriting personalized notes in my holiday cards. By doing a few a day, I am able to easily finish by the day after Thanksgiving, which is when I deliver the whole lot to the postal service. Not so surprisingly, the post office is pretty empty on Black Friday. Each year the… Continue reading Packaging

Cheesy Adventure

I was on my third leg of back to back to back trips when I contemplated what skill I wanted to learn next. Somehow my beyond tired brain immediately thought back to a  recent Mother Earth News issue - I was going to teach myself to make cheese! What initially drew my interest was how easy… Continue reading Cheesy Adventure

What’s Eating Me

The End of Overeating

I'm more than old enough to know that not everything that I read is true (but wait! I read it on the internet AND heard it on talk radio, it MUST be true). Every once in a while, though, an idea expressed makes me wonder. Recently I listened to The End of Overeating as an… Continue reading What’s Eating Me