Fall Has Arrived

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

My favorite season has always been Fall. There is something about things getting cooler and leaves changing colors. Yes, as a matter of fact, some leaves do change color in Southern California as well. Although the weather is only flirting with Fall, the sun’s path is definitely in line with the season. Ever since I… Continue reading Fall Has Arrived

How Far I’ve Come

Yom Kippur was last week. This was the 14th year in which I have honored the holiday by reflecting on how far I’ve come and where I want to be. It is an intensely meaningful experience for me. While it is not traditional, to me it honors the tradition and marks the day as holy.… Continue reading How Far I’ve Come

Play-Full Weekend


This past weekend, Ms. M and I attended preview performances of two very good, very different productions. Camp David at the Old Globe is about the 1978 Camp David Accords. The characters take us through the roller coaster ride that was the negotiations. The writing is spectacular. Somehow the playwright managed to give some much-needed, incredibly funny… Continue reading Play-Full Weekend

Controversional Conversion Story

Notebook and pen

In one of my web surfing journeys, I discovered an article about a controversial school assignment that I wish I had been assigned back in the day. A school in Guernsey (a British island off the coast of France) asked its 12- and 13-year-old students to pretend that they had decided to convert to Islam… Continue reading Controversional Conversion Story