Perfect Fit

Have you ever watched a new-to-you television show and instantly felt like you're home? My recent encounter with this phenomenon was the result of Amazon Prime. My admiration for Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezoz, started with an interview of his on the Oprah show, which I've discussed before. Well, Amazon Prime has started doing something I have… Continue reading Perfect Fit

Anti-Tammy Cooking Show

As my regular readers know, one of my guilty pleasures is watching competition shows. Summer is my favorite time because two of my favorite shows run: The Next Food Network Star and Master Chef. With as much as I enjoy watching these shows (and Chopped!), you'd think I'd enjoy watching regular cooking shows. Not so much. There is… Continue reading Anti-Tammy Cooking Show

Great White North Reads

Years ago I discovered the joys of Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio. I'm not sure how I stumbled across it, but I was hooked! I loved the freshness that came with all their programming. Getting a different perspective on world events reminded me of my BBC days. they had me at hello. In my post about… Continue reading Great White North Reads

Mountain or Mole Hill?

When I started this blog, I was young and foolish. We are going to ignore the fact that this was only last year. My thoughts on the whole blogging concept was that I would eventually hope to monetize it. A blog all about me should be easy to market, right? [I highly recommend a vacation… Continue reading Mountain or Mole Hill?