Living Flashback

Speech Team

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of judging a high school speech competition. Holy flashbacks, Batman. (That is me in center - the girl in the white shirt on the left.) It was wonderful seeing the competitors arrive, full of energy and excitement. As we walked to the judges' room, my heart… Continue reading Living Flashback

Right or Wrong

In my world, there is black and white, right or wrong. While I'm not comfortable with grey, I don't have to worry about that discomfort often: I am able to categorize nearly everything at one or the other of the extremes. This makes me feel content. Occasionally I encounter a situation where I realize that… Continue reading Right or Wrong

Learning Opportunity Lost

Writing about how my elementary school teachers used popular music as part of their lessons, reminded me of a lost learning opportunity. Back in the day, fourth grade was when Native American history was taught. Being in San Diego, the history was everywhere. As an adult I’ve been on several hikes in State and local… Continue reading Learning Opportunity Lost

Watermelon Protector

Matchbox 20

It is awesome being a much older sibling. My litter sister (you know, the one with the PhD), was born when I was 14. While we've never lived in the same house, I have so much in common with her, including some quirky food preferences. When Rebecca was 14, I took her to her first… Continue reading Watermelon Protector

Wasted Resource

Bridge to Terabithia

A single encounter in elementary school led me to miss out on a valuable resource for many years. When I was in elementary school, I had a bad experience with a librarian. I know that must sound strange coming from a self-professed teacher’s pet. It was neither of our finest moments, but she was the grown… Continue reading Wasted Resource