Behind the Blog

Whenever I read a blog that is written in the first person, I always want to know who “I” is.
Author of "Grown Up, Now What?", Tammy

My life in bullets:

  • San Diego native – 2nd generation!!!!
  • Married early; divorced 6 years later
  • Moved to England for 2 years on a whim and a tourist Visa
  • Former competitive ballroom dancer
  • Collector of degrees I’m not using

In looking at that list, I realized that while all of those bullet points have happened in my lifetime, they do not define me as a person: Influenced me, yes, but they do not dictate who I am.  It’s like that Linda Evans poem about how on grave stones the person’s life is represented by the dash.

So who am I? Can anyone truly answer that?  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and watch as I slowly discover the pieces to the puzzle.  Perhaps you can help me find the edge pieces by sharing your stories as well.