Intermediate Cheesy Courage

Dunking in Whey

Right after I had success on my second attempt at making paneer cheese, I used my momentum and placed my Amazon order for rennet - the ingredient needed for making the harder, melting cheeses. It arrived right away and sat in my fridge until I was ready. During our rainy weekend a couple months ago, my courage… Continue reading Intermediate Cheesy Courage

Another Confessional

It's been a long time since I've entered the confessional to spill my potentially embarrassing and highly inconsequential secrets. I love stating the obvious as if it is a revelation to the world. Shortly before leaving my last job (which happened to be in the automotive industry), I asked one of my coworkers if he… Continue reading Another Confessional

Driving Late Bloomer

When I took my driving test at age 19, I was completely shocked that I passed on the first try. At the end of our route, I looked at my evaluator, bracing myself for the worst. "You passed. Excellent job! I'll go inside. Park the car and meet me in there." I waited until she was inside… Continue reading Driving Late Bloomer

New Skill

How can a lifelong football fan not look at the game schedule before signing up for a class? I guess this time happened because I signed up before the season started and who suspects a game on a Thursday night? So instead of watching my team lose their second game in five days, I was… Continue reading New Skill

Life Changing

In the past, I've mentioned how I've been so busy I can barely breathe, much less plan. My life recently changed. I'm now in a new job with traditional hours. The effect on me was immediate. Now every week I have two days off in a row - Saturday AND Sunday. It feels like a vacation every… Continue reading Life Changing

Cheesy Adventure

I was on my third leg of back to back to back trips when I contemplated what skill I wanted to learn next. Somehow my beyond tired brain immediately thought back to a  recent Mother Earth News issue - I was going to teach myself to make cheese! What initially drew my interest was how easy… Continue reading Cheesy Adventure

No Regrets

For seven years I worked at a company that was very good to me. They kept me on when financially they should have laid me off. They encouraged (and paid for) me to learn new skills. They highly valued my abilities and told me so frequently. Even when I spent 1 ½ years thinking that every day was… Continue reading No Regrets