Sleeping In

I chuckled when I saw the writing prompt of “sleeping in” at First 50 Words. Being a devout morning person, to me 7 am is sleeping in.

Morning People Versus Night People Energy Levels
This perfectly describes my energy levels!

One Saturday, back when I was working at SANYO, my boss called me at 9:30 am and was astonished to find me asleep.

“I thought you said you always got up early!”

“I do. This is my first nap!”

I then explained that I’d already done a five mile walk, gone grocery shopping and had breakfast before going back to bed.

I love how memories like that are tied in my head by location. Another sleeping in story happened while I was living at that same apartment. This one involves my former cat, Kiki.

Kiki in Sunbeam
This picture was taken in that apartment!

I was ridiculously sick, and I was trying to follow my mom’s advice to little Tammy about why sleeping helped when you were sick by staying in bed well past my normal get up time. Suddenly Kiki started screaming bloody murder. It was loud and persistent.

I tried coaxing her back to bed. It was not going to happen. I asked her if Timmy had fallen down the well. That made me laugh … and then cough. Kiki was not nearly as amused. Finally, after about ten minutes of constant meowing, I dragged my sick self out of bed to investigate.

Well, as it turns out, what was upsetting her so much was that I was still sleeping in her bed. As soon as I was up, she hopped up in the still warm bedding and closed her eyes. What a turd!

I was too sick to argue, so I grabbed my pillow and a blanket and spent the rest of the morning on the couch.

Yes, Kiki had me well trained.

Am I the only morning person out there? or Has anyone else ever been outsmarted by their pets?

2 thoughts on “Sleeping In”

  1. Haha, you have to love cats…even when they do things like this. yeah, my cat does similar stuff. She’ll meow and meow until you finally take care of what she wants. Although she knows better around me. I’ve trained her a little to not do that kind of stuff. And actually, I’ve trained her to respond to some commands, a little. She’ll get out of rooms when I tell her too – even though she doesn’t want to.


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