Anti-Tammy Cooking Show

As my regular readers know, one of my guilty pleasures is watching competition shows. Summer is my favorite time because two of my favorite shows run: The Next Food Network Star and Master Chef.

With as much as I enjoy watching these shows (and Chopped!), you’d think I’d enjoy watching regular cooking shows. Not so much. There is one I really want to like, America’s Test Kitchen.

Americas Test Kitchen Logo

Thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, we can now watch tons of back episodes.

The first episode DH2U and I watched was about various pork products. That is a part of the Jewish dietary laws that I still follow, so everything that episode was out.

The next episode we watched had them making cranberry muffins, but they ruined them by adding walnuts. Walnuts make my mouth itch, but more importantly, nuts do not belong in bread, as I tried to explain to the kitchen staff during the episode.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, they were talking about making the perfect scrambled eggs. What they came up with was a pan of drippy, wet, partially-cooked yellow gunk. I was making gagging sounds as I watched them eat it. Fortunately DH2U found it funny.

I’d love to egotistically think that the show was intentionally anti-Tammy. Sometimes it does feel a bit deliberate. How else would there be something disgusting in every episode?

I like to think that I’m pretty food adventurous. Compared to how I used to be 15 years ago, I am. Compared to really adventurous people, I don’t rank very high. I remember refusing to eat any food at a party during my SANYO days because I didn’t recognize it. It was a collection of various Asian dishes, all homemade, and I wasn’t even willing to ask for descriptions. It was my fear of not being able to find anything to eat that kept me from wanting to travel abroad throughout my 20s.

Writing this is making me want to be more food adventurous, but half-cooked eggs will never be my cup of tea.

I will continue to watch America’s Test Kitchen, mainly because now it has become a running joke.

Has anyone else found a show designed for your polar opposite? or Nuts in bread: am I the only one who thinks they don’t belong there?

2 thoughts on “Anti-Tammy Cooking Show”

  1. I love nuts and I love bread but I don’t love them together. I’m that way with peanut butter, too. I love it by itself but I can’t stand peanut butter cookies. I also prefer my eggs to be cooked all the way through. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask!


    1. I am so with you. I love nuts, and I simply don’t want them in bread or cake. I will do peanut butter cookies, though. I guess that is my exception that makes my rule true.


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