My Mind is Racing

There is a new word among kids these days – simp. An article I was reading defined it as a boy who is too nice to a girl, especially one that they like. A mom was interviewed saying she didn’t want her son stigmatized for being a good guy.

As I was reading that I realized the woman had to have been my age. I wanted to scream out to her in terms our generation would understand: They’re calling him a Duckie.

[For those who didn’t watch the John Hughes films growing up, Duckie was the side kick in Pretty in Pink, who was desperately in love with Molly Ringwald’s Andie. He stuck around after numerous time of being told it would never happen between them.]

This whole walk down memory lane gave me a story idea: What would it look like if Duckie and Andie met again at their 25th high school reunion? My mind grabbed hold and ran with it. I so want Duckie to have shed his neediness and learned his value as a person. And I want Andie to internalize that wanting something attainable doesn’t lessen its worth when acquired.

Hmmmm … I might have to short story this, just to get it to leave my brain for a little bit. It’s fighting with the novel I’m trying to finish a sixth revision on. Who know, maybe even this post will be enough to get the idea to wait patient for its turn in the spotlight. Then again, it might have Duckie’s persistence. Wish me luck.

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