Break on Through to the Other Side

Lately I have been longingly looking forward to April. I don't have anything planned for that month, but it is right after I've spent the month of March writing a blog post a day. What choices I will have then as to what to publish next! Unfortunately my cache of pre-written posts from last year are… Continue reading Break on Through to the Other Side

Snoozing and Losing

Despite my recent blog post writing spree, I still have some holes in my calendar. I decided that I was going to challenge myself by taking part in Trifecta again. Ages ago I participated in the writing contest. My entry for that is still in my all-time top five most read blog posts on this… Continue reading Snoozing and Losing

From the Vault

Remember when MySpace was cool? Tom does. Well, back in the day, I used to blog with some frequency, mainly about dance, but with the occasional dabbling in other areas. The other day I logged into MySpace (after they reset my password for me since it had been years since I’d been on) and recovered… Continue reading From the Vault