What’s in a Word?

With it being the beginning of a new year, so any of the blogs I read are selecting their words of the year. This always annoys me. Maybe in my HR career I was forced to suffer through too many mission statement brainstorming sessions. To me, they are one and the same -┬ámeaningless and a… Continue reading What’s in a Word?

The Simpsons

Once again I need to thank The Bloggess for inspiration. One of her recent posts was titled "We go together like teenagers and low self-esteem." When I first saw it, I was sure my resulting post would be about how much happier I am the older I get. Then again, I've already touched on that… Continue reading The Simpsons


I love the Bloggess! Her book is on my holiday wish list. Last month she had a hilarious blog post entitled, "Then I had an Accidental Lesbian Encounter at the Movies" in which she described how she unintentionally felt up a woman while trying to open the door in a darkened movie theater. Somehow it… Continue reading Oblivious