Snoozing and Losing

Despite my recent blog post writing spree, I still have some holes in my calendar. I decided that I was going to challenge myself by taking part in Trifecta again.

Trifecta Logo

Ages ago I participated in the writing contest. My entry for that is still in my all-time top five most read blog posts on this site.

I hadn’t been ready to write to a deadline in quite a while, but this was going to be the week. When I opened up their website, I knew something was wrong. The post didn’t start by congratulating last week’s winner. I quickly scrolled down and discovered no prompt. Then I read the text. The competition is no more. Quick turn around competitive writing was just what I was in the mood for, and now it is gone.

I did feel better to realize that the competition didn’t end because of lack of public interest and support. Several times I’ve had restaurants that I’ve enjoyed but didn’t frequent regularly that have gone under. I did feel a bit of personal responsibility about not going to those places enough.

Most recently the Ken Theater, an iconic, single screen movie theaters built in 1947, announced it was closing. I’d seen many an art house film there over the years, and Ms. M and I look forward to our annual journey to go see the Oscar nominated short films. This theater, however, is best known for its midnight showing of Rocky Horror.

Ken Cinema Kensington

Tom has told me stories of going to those events – edited versions I’m sure!

Fortunately, a group got together to keep it open … at least for now. Ms. M recently saw a film there – doing her part to keep it in our neighborhood. This is further proof that I need to get myself back to the movies more often!

When was the last time you discovered a favorite site/ restaurant/ attraction had closed? or How many single screen theaters does your town still have?

6 thoughts on “Snoozing and Losing”

  1. There are a handful of single-screen theaters within driving distance of here – they are so cool. I always forget to check them for movie showings, even though I know they are there. I can think of three right off the top of my head that I know are still open. I think Kidzilla would be fascinated by the difference between that and the multiplexes. I think I will go check the schedules! Thanks for the reminder!


    1. I’m so glad that a few of the single screen theaters are still in operation. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy this very different experience. Everyone she sees will be going to the same movie!


  2. I miss small theaters like that. There are so few around here and practically none that show movies like Rocky Horror. Consider yourself lucky to even have had one at all. The movie theaters around here are particularly bad – the one I like usually has one or two people talking through the movie at one point or another. And keep this in mind that it’s the one I Like! Yeah, they’re pretty bad.


    1. Ugh! If you wanted a running commentary you’d watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and not be at the movie theater! And that’s the good theater?!?!?


  3. We do take for granted that the places we love will always be there for us. But you are right, they will only be there if we keep them in business! We still have a few “one screen” theaters in the towns near us. Back in the day we called them the Dollar Theaters because that is what a ticket cost. Now it is more but still a bargain compared to the $15 ticket price at the multi-plex. Plus, it’s a much more pleasing experience!


    1. It’s been nice hearing about there still being single screened theaters open all over the country. How wonderful that yours is less expensive than the multiplex. Ours here is more expensive – such is the case with all our art house theaters. The experience, though is worth it.


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