Clips Episode

Golden Girls

Back in the old days, you know, like when I was growing up, television sitcoms would have an episode every season that was made up of clips from previous episodes loosely strung together by some new dialog. The Golden Girls was notorious for this, doing it much more often than any other show I remember.… Continue reading Clips Episode

But Why?

It has only been a few weeks since I switched from two posts a week down to one. I have already noticed a disturbing, highly unexpected, and completely counter-intuitive trend: It is much harder to write only one post a week! Okay, the moral of my difficulty of getting a post up on Mondays is… Continue reading But Why?

5 Years

5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago today I started my blog. How have five years passed already?!?!  I swear I was just doing last minute word smithing on "The Search for Meaning," my first, and still favorite, post. Originally I was going to celebrate this milestone anniversary with a hosting change and new look. But then the new provider I… Continue reading 5 Years