Break on Through to the Other Side

Lately I have been longingly looking forward to April. I don't have anything planned for that month, but it is right after I've spent the month of March writing a blog post a day. What choices I will have then as to what to publish next!¬†Unfortunately my cache of pre-written posts from last year are… Continue reading Break on Through to the Other Side

Hope on a Hanger

Because of my new job, I've been updating my wardrobe lately. For the last year my work uniform was jeans and a company polo. Even before that, since my position wasn't in-person customer facing, jeans and a collared shirt was what I wore each day. Now I am in a professional environment. Although I'm in… Continue reading Hope on a Hanger

Life Changing

In the past, I've mentioned how I've been so busy I can barely breathe, much less plan. My life¬†recently¬†changed. I'm now in a new job with traditional hours. The effect on me was immediate. Now every week I have two days off in a row - Saturday AND Sunday. It feels like a vacation every… Continue reading Life Changing

Landing on My Feet

After the bad-fit job, forever to be known as the "the job incident," I took stock. I looked back and created a list of what I liked from that position. Yes, there were some bright spots in the darkness. That job reminded me of my love of speaking and educating (although not in the classroom… Continue reading Landing on My Feet


Despite the fact that my garden is in Hillary's backyard, two important months in my life had passed since I last spoke to her. Knowing that her summer plans would make a get together all but impossible, I desperately wanted to catch up. What's a girl to do? I pulled out stationery and wrote her… Continue reading Resurgence