Break on Through to the Other Side

Lately I have been longingly looking forward to April.


I don’t have anything planned for that month, but it is right after I’ve spent the month of March writing a blog post a day. What choices I will have then as to what to publish next! Unfortunately my cache of pre-written posts from last year are long gone, except some partially written ones that have been fighting numerous attempts at completion.

All of this is not to say that I want to speed time up. Heaven knows it is going fast enough on its own. How on earth are we in February already?!?!?

Part of the reason for this mindset is that I’m in the middle of a big, tedious project at work. Once it is over, life will be fantastic moving forward. Mentally, however, I’m sick of it and simply want to wake up when it’s complete.

There are so many things like that, where I’d like to wake up after I’ve already done all the hard work: losing enough weight for my favorite pants to fit, organizing all the stuff sitting in my Documents folder so I can find things easier; finding a new WordPress template for this site that meets all my needs and is still free.

I know that the hard work is character building, and it is what makes the completion feel so fulfilling. That moment when I’m sure the light I’m seeing isn’t an on-coming train helps me speed up towards the finish line. I only wish there were more motivating moments in the middle, which is where I am now!

Why does the middle phase always seem to take the longest and is the least rewarding? or Is anyone else looking forward to having a big project over and done with?

6 thoughts on “Break on Through to the Other Side”

  1. I’m looking forward to April too. That’s when my son will be born. It’s getting closer too and I’m all excited about it. I know it will change my life and I guess all I can do is just wait and see what happens. No matter what, it will be a grand adventure.


  2. Ah, the dreaded middle. Boy can I relate. I have to say I’m in awe of your blogging prowess though. A post every day for a month?! How did you do it? Curious to know what you enjoyed about it, what you learned through it, whether you’ll do it again, and whether you think others can do the same (and any tips if you do).


    1. I’ve done the blog post a day for a month three years in a row. I love it. I normally start about a week out brainstorming a list of topics. I find that I typically go in spurts: I’ll write several a day for a while, and then lose steam, but get a second wind and have another burst.

      I’ll definitely write a post on what I learned going through the process this year. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. I love that your other two commenters here are gentlemen whose blogs I quite love. 🙂
    The middle can feel long…tedious…but i often find that the middle of a project is where I find my “groove” and really get things done. (Do people say groove anymore? are we just old?)


    1. I know what you mean about getting into a groove and how it makes things move faster. It seems really easy to slip out of that groove in my current project, though.

      I say “groove,” and not ironically. That might make us both old. I’ll take that.


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