Rare Appreciation

As I sit here writing this (on Sunday afternoon), I'm experiencing a minor miracle: I am watching it rain. This is becoming a rarer event with each passing year here in Southern California. (Our local news caught the image well. I love how they keep talking about our winter "storm" and our drenching rain. They must… Continue reading Rare Appreciation

Daydream Believer

When I wrote my post on the idea of building a whole new me, I had planned to write about daydreaming instead. It was another hijacked blog post! Throughout my life I've been a big daydreamer. My mind creates fabulous lives for me to live. Some are short-lived, fanciful adventures, and some go on for ages. Despite… Continue reading Daydream Believer

Too Many Tabs

A web surfing adventure brought me to the Blogess. I love her. So often she'll say something that resonates perfectly with me ... and then take it to an extreme (which is so me but beyond my current ability level). On this latest visit to her site was a picture from A Pair of Pears that describes… Continue reading Too Many Tabs

Ideas Strike

Recently I was sitting an a cafe, notepad out and expecting my pen to start moving. With the blank page still staring at me, I realized I was waiting for inspiration to strike. Steven King's quotation popped into my head: Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to… Continue reading Ideas Strike

Lull to Sleep

The other night an old pickup truck was waiting for the light to change right outside my bedroom window. It's engine revved unevenly, with fits and starts interposed into a few seconds of normal idling. I found the unpredictability of the sound to be soothing and soporific (that word was solidified into my vocabulary by… Continue reading Lull to Sleep