Cheese Fundamentals

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This past weekend I finally spent my birthday money from Ma and Tom. I was looking for the perfect-for-me opportunity, and then my job loss delayed things even further. But finally I found exactly what I wanted, and I spent Saturday afternoon in a cheese making class. Gisela, the owner of Curds and Wine, taught the three-hour… Continue reading Cheese Fundamentals

Race Walking Update

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I'm proud to announce that I am almost back on track with my reading goal. My trip to visit Ma and Tom helped with that. While it looked like I could never catch up for a while, one of my goals has not been in question: walking. So far this year I have walked 2,199,201 steps.… Continue reading Race Walking Update

Tom’s Birthday Request

This weekend is Tom's birthday. My gift to him is as it has been for the last few years at his request: a donation to an animal charity. I chose to donate to my local animal control because that is where I got Carmen. So long as it goes to help these wonderful creatures we call… Continue reading Tom’s Birthday Request