First Day of School

Composition Books

Throughout my childhood, the day after Labor Day was the first day back to school. I was always so excited for that day. After what I perceived as a long, boring summer, I got to return to the land of my friends, a structured environment, and me being me, the loving embrace of external validation… Continue reading First Day of School

Who is thinking of you?

Shortly after I wrote my birthday tribute to Hillary and mentioned how she was fearless and seemed to be immune to what random passersby think, I heard the following quotation: "The 18/40/60 Rule: When you’re 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking of you; when you’re 40, you don’t give a darn what anybody… Continue reading Who is thinking of you?

Let Go or Hold On?

Kurt and Tammy in a Tango Promenade Position

This year has been filled with ups and downs,  new directions, exciting dead-ends and coming full circle. When 2011 started, I was a ballroom dancer. That was a HUGE part of my identity, and it was a central part of my future vocational plans. Then injury stepped in and poor medical treatment and … and...… Continue reading Let Go or Hold On?