From the Vault

Remember when MySpace was cool? Tom does. Well, back in the day, I used to blog with some frequency, mainly about dance, but with the occasional dabbling in other areas. The other day I logged into MySpace (after they reset my password for me since it had been years since I’d been on) and recovered my blog posts. Did you know that there are still people using MySpace? I wonder if Tom is still listed among their friends.  This past week marked Myspace’s 8th birthday: What a fast rise and fall! How long before Facebook and Twitter have joined the sad, passed over ranks of formerly cool websites?  I did notice that there are now aps to pimp your Facebook page.  My first thought was, “Oh how Myspace!” and not in a good way!  .. But I digress…  See what I mean about bright shiny things?!?!?

Hot Tub Time Machine Movie PosterI was thinking that I might periodically include an older post in this blog, as well as some nostalgic posts about other periods in my life.  I’m viewing it as a time machine of sorts.  Not like the Tardis (that can go forward and back in time and change universes and Doctors), but more like the Hot Tub Time Machine.

Okay – I fully expected to hate that movie. But I really enjoyed it!


It’s fun seeing how different I am now than I was five, ten, even thirty years ago! And also how the underlying me is still there. Then again, it would be fun for me, but this isn’t ALL about me – okay, some, but not all. 🙂 Would stories about my dancing past, pictures and stories about a very young Tammy, and the occasional cat story interest you? No, I’m not a crazy cat woman, although I have been known to watch the surprised kitten on YouTube. But since I will probably mention my cat Carmen in the future, I thought it would be fun sharing Carmen’s sordid past.

I’ve never been one to keep a diary: I’ve tried, but the habit never stuck.  Going back and reading old emails that I sent (and blog posts) shows me how far I’ve come and remind me of so many things I’d forgotten.  While my memory goes back a long way (first memory is before I was 3), so many things get lost in there!

If you’d be interested, I’d love to share some items from the vault, as well as some of the weird events my mind has held on to over the years.  What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “From the Vault”

  1. “Hot Tub Time Machine” was a suprise good time for me, too! Guess good things happen when you keep your expectations low! 🙂


  2. That so reminds me of “Lowered Expectations” – the spoof dating service whose ads ran on MadTV! Thanks for all your comments, RTs, and most of all your friendship. 🙂


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