Not a Drop

Anyone who has ever read this blog more than once knows that I’m a planner. I have blog posts already scheduled out for months ahead. That is not to say that the calendar is full: I simply have certain blogs that are date specific or are spread out so I don’t cover the same topic too often. Yup, I’m weird like that.

Well, it has turned out that for the last couple weeks, I’ve been writing to deadline, which is not my favorite method of blog post creation. Although it can feel like I’m drowning in all these prepared posts, I haven’t had a single one that I could move up for one reason or another. In rereading these recent posts, I’ve noticed an underlying sense of sadness in them that I didn’t even realize I was feeling. I guess I’m not taking the limbo nature of my current employment status as well as I thought I was.

But, I don’t think I could pull off an edgy blogger image even if I wanted to, so now for the lighter side. (Of course the last time I set out to write a light-hearted post it morphed into a post about death.)

Where do hip bloggers turn for inspiration for funny posts? I don’t know, but I turn to The Bloggess. I bookmarked one of my all-time favorite one of her posts so I could remember to share it:

Victor:  If you could have dinner with anyone – dead or alive – who would you pick?

me:  I guess I’d probably pick “alive”.

Victor:  That’s…actually a good choice.

That is so how my mind works, too. It’s the unexpectedness of it that kills me!

By following a thin trail of mental breadcrumbs, this reminded me of a trip I took with Ma and Tom when I was in the sixth grade. We went back to see my grandma and grandpa in Alabama. On the flight out, Ma and Tom filled out fun surveys with a long list of questions. First they filled them out for themselves, and then they tried to guess each other’s answers. One answer has forever stuck in my memory. The question was what did Ma want to be when she grew up. Her answer: Stacked. I still laugh at that. It’s funny that that line and going to see a “castle” created by a monk whose construction media consisted only of toilet balls and concrete are all that I remember from that trip.

Tammy on path to toilet ball castle
That is me during this excursion. The “squirrel crossing” sign was much more picturesque than the castle itself!

Am I alone in sensing a darker mood in some of my more recent posts? or Fellow bloggers, where do you go for inspiration?

6 thoughts on “Not a Drop”

  1. I think we all have our darker moods and phases – I know I’ve had quite a few dark clouds hovering. Not sure if I see it in my posts as much because usually I end up bailing on writing for my blog when I am feeling that way. Maybe I don’t want to subject anyone else to it? Who knows.

    Inspiration..hmm. I often jump on Mama Kat’s weekly prompts. My cats are an endless source of entertainment, so sometimes I toss in a cat adventure. And for me food is always an inspiration. Partly because I love to cook and am always making something, but also for me cooking is therapeutic and completely joyful.

    I have nothing more profound to offer.

    Meanwhile…toilet balls??? Those black floaty things?


    1. Thanks for the ideas. I haven’t done a cooking piece or one featuring cat pictures. Two great ways to fill voids. I’ll definitely use them.

      Every time I rely on Mama Kat for an idea, they aren’t inspiring. I think it is the pressure of having to perform. One of these weeks when I already have something planned to post I’ll try it again, and I’m sure I will suddenly be inspired! Funny how brains work that way.

      And yup, those toilet balls. I think he really need more to do!


  2. Lately, Tammy, blogs are so inspirational to me. I love and always enjoy your quirkiness – even though you say you’re a planner – I see you, or read you, as finding the unusual in things – and enjoying them. And I enjoy your dry sense of humor. Love the squirrel crossing. It’s the very kind of thing I would have noticed and remembered as a kid. Hell – as a grown up it’s what I notice and remember. But blogs – definitely blogs – there are so many good writers, great people, on-line friends now, beautiful photos, inspirational thoughts – I usually don’t have to travel far in the blogosphere to be inspired.


    1. Thank you for all your kind words. I think we were both in the same mindset with our current blog posts, only your creativity seems to have left me in the dust.

      You are so right about there being so many wonderful blogs out there. I love the fact that so many that I love and follow I have no idea how I stumbled across them initially, many I suspect are fellow readers of your blog. My habit of actually reading other people’s comments and checking out the links to their blogs has helped to build my RSS feed. I do enjoy playing off themes from other people’s blogs, and sharing the link love in the process. The Bloggess definitely saved me with this post. If you ever want to be inspired by taxidermied animals wearing costumes, I strongly recommend her!


  3. I haven’t noticed a darker tone to your last few blog posts. Maybe you’re just getting the blues right now which could make you see darker things where they really aren’t. If I described your posts in a word, it would probably be quirky or fun, not dark.

    When it comes to getting inspiration, I too read blogs. Usually I’ll go to my reader and pick out a few posts that stand out and that gets my inspirational, creative juices flowing. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll listen to some music. Classical music especially seems to get my mind going. Oh and weirdly enough, I get inspiration from reading obituaries. Not like local ones, but ones of famous people who have done some incredible things. That gives me ideas for what I want to do or a good motivational boost.


    1. Thanks, Steve. Perhaps it is all in the eye of the beholder. Glad to know that they were still quirky, which is what I’m going for. Since it happens naturally, I try not to fight it.

      Classical music is my go-to whenever I need sound but still need to concentrate. I love the variety within the genre and can nail down a specific mood. I also like it a lot for mind wandering music.


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