British Sensibilities

Career of Evil

A line in Career of Evil, a Robert Galbraith (JK Rowlings) novel, got me thinking. It was mentioned that the questions she asked were way too personal to be coming from a complete stranger. Upon reading that I immediately thought, “How British.” The level of personal space, in terms of what is acceptable from people… Continue reading British Sensibilities

Confessional: Popular Culture Edition


I have avoided stepping into this particular confessional for a couple of years now, because it is going to cost me some street cred. But here I go: Some of the hugely popular movies of my lifetime I have either not liked or took pride in not seeing. What kind of geek/Gen X spokesperson am… Continue reading Confessional: Popular Culture Edition

Friday the 13th

Nightmare on Elm Street

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. To me, that ominous day is more associated with scary things than Halloween. That association is the direct result of the movie franchise. I used to love scary things. I read Stephen King religiously starting in junior high. He is such a good author: He is able to make things jump out… Continue reading Friday the 13th

Geeking Out

I Am Not Spock

This year was the Ultimate Pi Day, 3.14.15, and I missed it. I was unable to get into the spirit: I was really upset about Leonard Nimoy's death, and I couldn't write something that felt right. He managed his best known character over decades and across series, yet his performance never seemed tired. The meme that went… Continue reading Geeking Out