Change of Plans

I was sure I wouldn’t still be posting to this blog come the new year. During my Yom Kippur self-development this year, I was ready to let this blog go. I planned to continue to pay a nominal amount each year to keep the site live and simply stop adding new content.

Ever since I decided to focus on my fiction instead of regular blog posts, and after the evil hackers, the blog had lost its luster in my eyes. It had served its purpose. 

flowers marguerites destroyed dead
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Of course once I made that choice, tons of blog ideas popped into my mind. I guess a part of me wasn’t done with it. We’ll have to see if this renewed enthusiasm holds past the three posts I wrote right afterwards.

My goals for 2020 thus don’t include my blog. Rather they are the same as they’ve been the last few years: Continue reading, writing, and getting in those steps. Well that and continue building my from scratch skills. And continue developing our garden. This suddenly felt like the movie The Jerk, with his thermos. At least all of these things are on autopilot for me now.

I’d love to have goals of being published by this time next year, but that is outside my hands. If I’m continuing to work on my craft and producing and enjoying it, I can’t count that as a failure. I’d like to think I’m beyond the need for external validation, but getting acknowledged for a job well done will always feel good to me. At least I’m honest.

Regardless of what I’d like to accomplish, I love the beginning of the year when it still holds all its promise. May at least some of those promises come true for all of us. 

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