Wordy Nerdy


In my politicians cheating post, I used the expression “not my first time at the rodeo.” That got me thinking about the origin stories of some of my favorite expressions. Let me take a moment to express my eternal gratitude to The Googles for their wisdom and their researching assistance. Having lived in a world… Continue reading Wordy Nerdy

What’s in a Word?

With it being the beginning of a new year, so any of the blogs I read are selecting their words of the year. This always annoys me. Maybe in my HR career I was forced to suffer through too many mission statement brainstorming sessions. To me, they are one and the same - meaningless and a… Continue reading What’s in a Word?

Science Experiment

Yogurt Starter

My from-scratch skill set continues to grow, which makes my heart go pitter pat. I make my new favorite homemade food nearly every weekend, and it brightens up my breakfasts throughout the week. It's yogurt! I was already eating yogurt two times a week, but since my favorite kind is the Greek style, it can… Continue reading Science Experiment

Placebo Effect

Over the years, I've written about my bouts of insomnia. They tend to come and go (thank goodness) and normally are a result of my overactive brain. A couple years age I was at a cookie exchange party and the conversation changed to insomnia. Two women there swore by taking a well known mineral supplement… Continue reading Placebo Effect