Wordy Nerdy


In my politicians cheating post, I used the expression “not my first time at the rodeo.” That got me thinking about the origin stories of some of my favorite expressions. Let me take a moment to express my eternal gratitude to The Googles for their wisdom and their researching assistance. Having lived in a world… Continue reading Wordy Nerdy

What We Think We Want

Sometimes I find that a completely mediocre book can bring different parts of my life into focus. In the book The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P, a book just good enough for me to keep reading, there is an underlying theme that what we think we want is not necessarily the same as what we really… Continue reading What We Think We Want

Putting My Finger on It

In my previous job, I had a great deal of down time. The owners knew I was good at coming up with projects, and I organized everything and created wonderful systems - which they are still using. Still, there were often blocks of emptiness. When I was dancing, I would fill the time by updating… Continue reading Putting My Finger on It

All Quiet on the Grammar Front

Well, it looks like I won't be adding a copyediting certificate to my degree collection. When I started the program, I was at my old job, where I worked for seven years. There were often down times where I could do my homework. That was what allowed me to really delve into the work and basque… Continue reading All Quiet on the Grammar Front

Word Police

Recently the senior rabbi of my synagogue recounted a “discussion” with his wife. Out of frustration at being corrected for something she had said, she countered with, “Why do you have to take words so literally?” His response must have added to the marital discord: “Because words have meaning.” As much as I could see… Continue reading Word Police

Joys of English

At the beginning of the year, I took the plunge and am back in school. Need I say that I'm loving it? I'm in school, I'm getting graded, AND I am learning really cool stuff ... grammar! Grammar Lab is the first class in a copyediting certificate program. It is awesome! Isn't it odd how… Continue reading Joys of English