What’s in a Word?

With it being the beginning of a new year, so any of the blogs I read are selecting their words of the year. This always annoys me. Maybe in my HR career I was forced to suffer through too many mission statement brainstorming sessions. To me, they are one and the same - meaningless and a… Continue reading What’s in a Word?

Food Confessional

Mashed Potatoes

It's been quite a while since I've sat in the confessional to reveal a not-so-deep, not-so-hidden secret to my readers. This time it is about food. As you know, I love cooking from scratch. I'm always so tickled to find out how to make items I never knew could be created at home, things like… Continue reading Food Confessional

Science Experiment

Yogurt Starter

My from-scratch skill set continues to grow, which makes my heart go pitter pat. I make my new favorite homemade food nearly every weekend, and it brightens up my breakfasts throughout the week. It's yogurt! I was already eating yogurt two times a week, but since my favorite kind is the Greek style, it can… Continue reading Science Experiment

Animal Vegetable Miracle

Animal Vegetable Miracle

Last year I discovered the work of Barbara Kingsolver quite by accident. I was browsing through the audiobook section of the library and found Flight Behavior. I vaguely recalled having read something about it, so I decided to give it a go. I love it when authors are talented at reading their own stories, and she definitely… Continue reading Animal Vegetable Miracle

Late Arriving Lessons

Some days I wonder why I can't simply be given all the answers to life up front. "Wouldn't it be easier to know when that information would be most useful?" my impatient mind asks. I know when I look back to the times in my life when money was the tightest, I really wish I… Continue reading Late Arriving Lessons