Placebo Effect

Over the years, I’ve written about my bouts of insomnia. They tend to come and go (thank goodness) and normally are a result of my overactive brain. A couple years age I was at a cookie exchange party and the conversation changed to insomnia. Two women there swore by taking a well known mineral supplement for helping them sleep return to normal. Supplements At the time, the insomnia was really bad, so I willing to try just about anything. I did check the Googles first to see what the chances were of ODing on that mineral and what the symptoms are. (WebMD and I go way back!). When it didn’t look like I would do any harm, I started taking it. While I REALLY wanted my sleep back, I was skeptical. After a couple days, it did work! I knew it was probably the placebo effect. Did I care? No! I was sleeping! I was on it for just over a week before I stopped, and my sleep remained okay.

What made me think about this was recently I went through another bad patch. I blame Daylight Savings Time. I would get to sleep just fine, but around 1 am, I would wake up and my mind was off to the races. A couple hours later I’d finally be able to reign it in and drift off to sleep, just in time for the alarm to sound. I happened to stumble across the supplement bottle while looking for something else and went back on the mineral. The symptoms decreased.

One last last week I woke up and had the idea that I should bring donuts in to work to thank everyone for all their extra effort. I then spent the next half hour working out the logistics in my mind. Then back to sleep I went. Strangely enough, I counted that one as a victory: I was back to sleep in less than an hour! Have any of you ever hoped for the placebo effect? Or When did Donuts become so expensive?!?!!?

4 thoughts on “Placebo Effect”

  1. So I’m not the only one that daylight saving time messed up? uggh, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I struggle with sleeping too and I finally got a good schedule down, but savings time came around and threw me all off. I”m finally getting things back together…at least until it comes around again.


  2. Insomnia is the worst. I lose sleep when I have something that I’m preoccupied with, but once it’s over, the sleeplessness goes away. Stress is really the only reason for my lack of sleep, ever. Well, that and when I’m sick (which is stressful on its own!)


    1. Stress is a real sleep killer. Some times I don’t even know that something is bothering me until it wakes me in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, that is never a time when I could remedy the situation!


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