Table Settings

Woman's Day

This time of year has my women's magazines' pages filled with decorating tips for the holidays. In the latest issue, there was a four-page spread about setting the holiday table. It included different types of place card holders and centerpieces. Really? Do people actually do this? Admittedly we always decorated for Christmas as I was… Continue reading Table Settings

Political Forgiveness

John Edwards

Tomorrow's Super Tuesday election got me thinking about how I sometimes take politician’s failings personally. In the fall of 1987, I had an awesome, trophy-winning speech about politics and deception of the American public. This speech was centered around the hubris of Gary Hart, daring the press to follow him because he wasn’t a womanizer.… Continue reading Political Forgiveness

Should Know Better

Flavor Infuser

Right after I wrote the blog post about my awesome new pedometer, it quit tracking my marching-in-place steps. It started to behave again when I threatened to return it. After I wrote about having walked 500 miles (there goes the Proclaimers song in my head again) since getting my FitBit Zip, things started going wonky.… Continue reading Should Know Better