Death of Black Friday?

Last year on Black Friday, NASA did a special Twitter feed all day with the hashtag #BlackHoleFriday. I came in pretty late on the feed, and that was when I decided to write my Thanksgiving post this year about Black Hole Friday. I was so psyched! Unfortunately, my tweeted questions to NASA as to whether… Continue reading Death of Black Friday?

Running with Scissors

Back in the early 1990s, there was a car commercial that had the announcer saying, "Stay between the lines. The lines are our friends", as the driver of the car then proceeds to not stay between the lines. Once again, I can't remember what company it was for, but I do remember wondering why someone… Continue reading Running with Scissors

Rethinking Fitness

For the first time in four years, I do not have a gym membership. My Costco special deal ran out, and I'm not getting a new one. My knee decided several months ago that every piece of cardio equipment aggravated it, so I really didn't see a point in throwing several hundred dollars away. It feels weird. Although… Continue reading Rethinking Fitness

Fussiness: It’s not just for babies

Several months ago I threw a temper tantrum: An honest to goodness wailing arms and legs temper tantrum. Of course I couldn't be bothered to get down to the floor, so I did it standing up. Now I'm laughing about it ... and DH2U for saying "I didn't think you were into modern dance." See why I… Continue reading Fussiness: It’s not just for babies