Wordy Nerdy


In my politicians cheating post, I used the expression “not my first time at the rodeo.” That got me thinking about the origin stories of some of my favorite expressions. Let me take a moment to express my eternal gratitude to The Googles for their wisdom and their researching assistance. Having lived in a world… Continue reading Wordy Nerdy

Living Past

Thanks to Bethel, a fabulous woman (and an incredible entrepreneur), and her sharing her discovery of podcasts on social media, I have a new source of entertainment. When I first saw her post, I patted myself on the back that I wasn't the last adopter of the technology. I normally am. Then, however, I read… Continue reading Living Past

Acknowledging Middle Age

The other day I was thinking about average life expectancies after hearing a report on NPR.  I’m not one of those people who have adopted the talking Barbie’s view that “math is hard” (Okay, what she actually said was “Math class is tough”.  I would love one of those dolls!).  In contemplating the average life… Continue reading Acknowledging Middle Age