Hope on a Hanger

Because of my new job, I’ve been updating my wardrobe lately. For the last year my work uniform was jeans and a company polo. Even before that, since my position wasn’t in-person customer facing, jeans and a collared shirt was what I wore each day.

Now I am in a professional environment. Although I’m in financial services, suits are not required. It’s either slacks or skirts with a blouse and normally a sweater.

I already owned a lot of sweaters, but I am now becoming a cardigan queen. Recently I was in Nordstrom’s rack and found a really cute addition to my collection.

Tammy's New Sweater

As I was waiting through the unbelievably long line, I saw this.

Hope on a Hanger

Talk about truth in advertising!

Part of my wardrobe updating was the purging of the office wear I’d kept from ages ago. In gong through it, I ditched all the items that never fit well or that I plain didn’t like. I did keep a couple pairs of pants that I love but don’t currently fit. If next fall comes and they still don’t fit, I will let them go to a new and loving home.

One of the items that I let go was a little red dress. Years ago I took it in for alterations, and the woman massacred it. She took it in way too much and cut away the excess so there was no going back. She also raised the slit to an indecent height.

Despite the poor alterations, I did have a chance to wear that dress. It was to the Annual Martini party held just a few weeks before I met DH2U. I was still dancing at that point, and I refused to fall into the end-of-the-year weight gain cycle, so I was able to just fit into it.

Little Red Dress

I do own a shaping garment, not too dissimilar to Hope on a Hanger, but I wasn’t able to wear it with the dress – it showed through.

So that is really me in the picture without any foundation garment help.

I was so sad to see the dress go, but I was pleased to overhear the sorter of the thrift shop where I donated the dress talking to the merchandiser about how it will be going up on a mannequin.  My little dress is going to be appreciated!

Does anyone else do a clear out before buying new things? or Have you ever seen your former clothes in a thrift store?

4 thoughts on “Hope on a Hanger”

  1. That’s so cool to know your clothing will go on a mannequin. I can’t say that I’ve ever had that happen to me before. As for purging. yes, I do that – especially if I’m going to get a lot more clothes down the line. I try to keep my clothes in check. They can so easily get out of control. My wife has unloaded bags of clothes and she still has way more than we can handle. Ugh, more to go through I guess.


    1. Part of the clothes difference between men and women is peer expectations. Women are expected to have a lot more variety in their wardrobes than men. I know I’m really conscious of not wanting people to notice that I am over-wearing an article of clothing. For that reason I have a heck of a lot more clothes than DH2U. After several shopping runs I feel I have enough to get me through without too much overlap; however, I am still on the lookout for two more pairs of pants that will nicely round things out.


  2. Oooh lala Tammy! That red dress is the epitome of bombshell red dress! And you wore it well! I take a lot of my clothes to consignment shops and/or goodwill. We’re in an RV after all, and there just isn’t room for anything that isn’t worn. I shop at consignment shops a lot too. It’s a lot of fun to find lightly worn clothing, very often from excellent brands = and pay about a quarter of the retail price. Don’t you think? I’m wondering how your conversation with the alterations woman went. I used to do alterations for people when I was young and first married and my first husband was a college student. I would have died!!!


    1. I love thrift shops! Most of my long skirts come from there. I also am much less afraid to try my ultra-beginner tailoring skills on a dress that I paid a dollar for but that I need taken in through the hips.

      I was so disappointed by the seamstress. I’d used her for all my dance costumes, and she’d done great. When I left her, the dress was all pinned, I could comfortably get out of it with the pins in, and there were two pins indicating how high to bring the side slits. Those latter pins were not on my hips. I don’t know what happened there. At least I had a chance to wear it one last time … and I have a picture of it!


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