Getting started is often the hardest part. It definitely was the case for me submitting short stories. I’d already submitted a few, and I’d received some personalized rejections, which was encouraging. For my non-writing readers, there really is such a thing as a good "no." Despite this fact, it was hard for me to pull… Continue reading Momentum

Too Many Tabs

A web surfing adventure brought me to the Blogess. I love her. So often she'll say something that resonates perfectly with me ... and then take it to an extreme (which is so me but beyond my current ability level). On this latest visit to her site was a picture from A Pair of Pears that describes… Continue reading Too Many Tabs

Go-To Meal

DH2U and I alternate who makes dinner. Whenever it is his night and he has nothing planned, his go-to meal is souffle. To me that is such a treat that I wouldn't mind more unplanned nights, especially now that the weather has cooled down and the oven isn't adding to the heat of the day.… Continue reading Go-To Meal

Landing on My Feet

After the bad-fit job, forever to be known as the "the job incident," I took stock. I looked back and created a list of what I liked from that position. Yes, there were some bright spots in the darkness. That job reminded me of my love of speaking and educating (although not in the classroom… Continue reading Landing on My Feet

Exact Moment

Recently I re-watched LA Story. The first time I saw it, I was part of the domestic exchange program and spending a semester at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). They played it in the campus theater. I think I was the only one who laughed at all. I wonder if it is only funny… Continue reading Exact Moment