Tempting Prepping Fate

September is National Preparedness Month. How has the month nearly ended without me bring it up?!?! With the job incident and being a part-time employee for a while, I was actually working through the food supplies in my preps for a while. Having all that food on hand really reduced the grocery shopping bills. But,… Continue reading Tempting Prepping Fate


Despite the fact that my garden is in Hillary's backyard, two important months in my life had passed since I last spoke to her. Knowing that her summer plans would make a get together all but impossible, I desperately wanted to catch up. What's a girl to do? I pulled out stationery and wrote her… Continue reading Resurgence

Definition of Fanatic

What is the definition of a fanatic? Somebody that is into something more than you are! Yup, it is definitely like the definition of pornography granted to us by United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart: I'll know it when I see it. I got thinking about all this while taking my CERT class. The instructor… Continue reading Definition of Fanatic