Life Changing

In the past, I've mentioned how I've been so busy I can barely breathe, much less plan. My life┬árecently┬áchanged. I'm now in a new job with traditional hours. The effect on me was immediate. Now every week I have two days off in a row - Saturday AND Sunday. It feels like a vacation every… Continue reading Life Changing

If I Had a Million

Whenever the lotteries go crazy high, I buy my ticket and fantasize away about what I'd do with the money. Lately, there haven't been any jackpots worth putting down my dollar for. Fortunately for my hyper-active mind, I found another thing to take its place: What if I had a million seconds? As I've mentioned,… Continue reading If I Had a Million

Library Escapes

I love libraries. They have become my thinking sanctuaries. Whenever I want to get away from my usual routine, I head to the closest branch, find a spot, and sit and think. I'm always quite amazed at how big a difference a change in location can make. Being away from my normal environment helps break… Continue reading Library Escapes