Intermediate Cheesy Courage

Dunking in Whey

Right after I had success on my second attempt at making paneer cheese, I used my momentum and placed my Amazon order for rennet - the ingredient needed for making the harder, melting cheeses. It arrived right away and sat in my fridge until I was ready. During our rainy weekend a couple months ago, my courage… Continue reading Intermediate Cheesy Courage

Cheesy Adventure

I was on my third leg of back to back to back trips when I contemplated what skill I wanted to learn next. Somehow my beyond tired brain immediately thought back to a  recent Mother Earth News issue - I was going to teach myself to make cheese! What initially drew my interest was how easy… Continue reading Cheesy Adventure

Slowly Crafting

A little over a year ago, I saw a blurb in Mother Earth News about creating a rag rug. When I followed through on the link, it was talking about using leftover woolen clothes to create durable floor mats. Well, this Southern California girl doesn't do wool: it's itchy, and more importantly it needs dry… Continue reading Slowly Crafting


Despite the fact that my garden is in Hillary's backyard, two important months in my life had passed since I last spoke to her. Knowing that her summer plans would make a get together all but impossible, I desperately wanted to catch up. What's a girl to do? I pulled out stationery and wrote her… Continue reading Resurgence