Landing on My Feet

After the bad-fit job, forever to be known as the “the job incident,” I took stock. I looked back and created a list of what I liked from that position. Yes, there were some bright spots in the darkness.

That job reminded me of my love of speaking and educating (although not in the classroom environment!) and of learning new software. Having primarily office skills, I wasn’t sure if a new job would include the presentation-giving component, but it was a nice reminder of what I enjoy and am good at.

Two weeks after quitting, there was an ad for an unusual position that sounded like a lot of fun. I applied for it on a Wednesday morning at 7 am. Within a couple hours, I’d had the initial phone screen, and that afternoon was a Skype interview. The next day was an in-person interview. I started that Friday.


I never would have applied for this position had I not already been unemployed because it was part-time. I actually never would have interviewed at all had the district manager remembered to mention the pay over the phone. It was much lower than what I found acceptable, but by the time I found out, they were already dangling the carrot of full time with much better pay in front of me. Since it paid better than sitting on my couch, and I love the company and its mission, I took it.

Three months later (i.e. today), I start full-time! I knew from the beginning that there were elements of the job I would love: I’m giving hour-long, one-on-one orientations for much of the day; I get to fill out forms; AND I got to learn their database system!

Of course there are elements I would change, the unpredictable hours for one, but being back among the full-time employed, with BENEFITS, and earning enough to more than pay my bills makes it worth it. I also know going in where the pitfalls might be.

Some people have said that it was meant to be. I’ve always had a problem with that mindset. Then I realized there is an alternative way of viewing it: While everything lined up for me to get this job, had I been looking at another time, I would have been presented with literally thousands of different possibilities. Only when we are open to change do we find it.

Has anyone else bridged the part-time to full-time gap? or Am I the only one who gets excited about filling out forms?

6 thoughts on “Landing on My Feet”

  1. Congratulations on the new job, I’m excited for you. Isn’t it great when you can move on from a position that just wasn’t working out?

    You know I’ve had that happen too, I’ve left a job only to find a better one about a month later. I agree with you that it’s not because things are meant to be. I don’t particularly like that mindset either. It seems like it takes something away from our own effort. I like to think that good things like this happen because of our own actions. Good things come to us because we work to make them happen. Sometimes things do line up well, but they’re just opportunities that we take.


    1. I am so glad I left that horrible job. Even with the crazy hours of my current one, it is not soul destroying!

      Thank you for making me not feel alone in my anti-predestination mindset. It takes our effort and chance for us to end up where we are. On any given day there are thousands of new job listings. I happen to answer one that turned out to be a full-time position with benefits. I’m sure you felt rewarded for having the courage to leave a bad fit job and land into something better a month later.


  2. Congratulations Tammy! Good things come to those who wait, or work patiently toward it. I can’t believe there’s something we differ on so drastically – but I HATE filling out forms. They are my nemesis. I tend to write outside the lines – of course, I’m one who can’t take a multiple choice test without writing extra comments and explanations and what ifs, and only ifs in the sidelines. I turn everything into an essay exam. I think it’s the English major in me. Glad the new job isn’t soul sucking.


    1. Forms are your friends! So are the lines!

      I know most people share your opinion of forms, and I think that is why I got the job. After my interview, the regional manager told my coworker that she thought I’d be excellent with the paperwork. I guess I just give off this vibe.


  3. Great for you! I’ve been out of the job world for many years, but I still know the thrill of finding something that fits you well. Congratulations! And YES to the form-filling.


    1. A fellow form-filler-outer! I do love my work. Just yesterday I found two major errors that would have resulted in sales not going through. Weird quirky things that probably would not have been noticed but something caught my eye. Saved the company lots of money and heartache. Competency is a good feeling!


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