My New Obsession

Not too long ago I reached the point where my exercise motivation was at zero. Despite breaking down and paying for a gym membership, I couldn’t bring myself to go. I felt like I had no time off, and whatever time I did have, I was so exhausted I simply wanted to do something mind numbing. I was not myself.

I didn’t like this new version of me. “Couch potato” is not an adjective I ever want to describe me! It was time to take option.

First, I needed to figure out what had gone wrong. I wrote down a bunch of excuses before the reason reason appeared in black and white (or in my case – blue ink on cream paper): I was without a pedometer.

My old, beloved $11 one stopped working. That was disappointing, but not nearly as disappointing as having its identical replacement be broken right out of the box. Months then went by and gradually a more sedentary me was revealing herself.

I then decided I was going to get a much more expensive model. Mentally I made the decision to spend the money to stop me from making a permanent Tammy butt shaped imprint on the couch.

I’m partial to marching in place. I used to do it the entire time I was getting ready – except for putting on mascara! Brushing my teeth, moisturizing, curling or flat ironing my hair – step, step, step. The problem is most pedometers won’t read those steps. If I’m not getting credit for them, I’m much less likely to do them, even though I enjoy it.

The Amazon community was a huge help in selecting my pedometer. I had narrowed down the field to two different models, and then I asked a question on both pages to see if they would pick up marching in place. I received a total of twenty responses! My favorite was from a woman who actually tried it out to get the answer for me. I am no so much more likely to answer the next time I receive an email from Amazon asking about a product I own!

I ended up choosing the Fitbit Zip.

Smiling Pedometer
My pedometer smiles at me when I reach certain daily milestones!

It is tiny, accurate, an affordable-for-me price, and I love that the comments indicate the company is really quick to resolve issues. (I’m testing that latter statement now – an update on a future blog post)

The first day I wore it, I came home from work and had only 7,000 steps. It was dark out, so I wasn’t going on a walk outside. I marched out an additional 3,000 steps in my living room so I could reach the 10,000 step mark, which I’ve accomplished every day I’ve had my new pedometer.

I feel so much better being active again: much more Tammy-like. Yesterday was day 10, and in the morning I reached the 50 mile mark! I know I would never have gone so far without the little tracker monitoring my every step!

Is anyone else on the FitBit network and want to connect there? or Have you answered a question about a product you bought on Amazon?

6 thoughts on “My New Obsession”

  1. Well as you know, I’m intrigued with the FITBIT and like you, I used to wear a pedometer clipped to my hip and my goal was 10K steps a day. I felt really good when I reached this. Mine was left behind in Colorado so I’ve been without it and I’m sure I’m not walking that much anymore. I feel like a couch potato too – especially coming off the heels of a wet winter in Oregon. Thanks for the tip and motivation to get moving again.


    1. Hi Barbara. Of course as soon as I right the review my FitBit started acting up. Hopefully it will return to its happy state. I’ll write an update if I end up having to return it. It got all weird until I got the company to agree to send me a new one. Now it is behaving.


      1. Ever since I told on it to the company, and they suggested I return the unit, it has been behaving perfectly. I’m back in love!


  2. I am also in a fitness rut, having canceled my 4+ year gym membership because I wasn’t going often enough. Everyone who I know that has a FitBit LOVES it. You’ve given me an idea…


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