Free Option is Best

The Westing Game

While I was listening to my fun new-to-me podcast BookRiot, I heard an ad for Scribd, a service that allows for unlimited audiobook streaming for only $8 a month. I listen to a LOT of audiobooks, and the library has been slow in getting me titles lately, so I figured I'd give the one month… Continue reading Free Option is Best

What’s Eating Me

The End of Overeating

I'm more than old enough to know that not everything that I read is true (but wait! I read it on the internet AND heard it on talk radio, it MUST be true). Every once in a while, though, an idea expressed makes me wonder. Recently I listened to The End of Overeating as an… Continue reading What’s Eating Me

Too Late for Home Ec

I love YouTube. Not only is it the home of cat videos (!!!!), lately it has enabled me to watch full educational films that used to play in schools in the 1950s and 60s. While there have been a lot of really good ones, Iowa State University's Home Economics Story from 1951 has to be… Continue reading Too Late for Home Ec

What Was She Thinking?

My latest book on tape (Great: I've managed to date myself in this post before I even got to the first verb! I might be making it worse by pointing out that my current car is the first I've ever had that didn't have a tape deck.) is What Was She Thinking, the book upon… Continue reading What Was She Thinking?