Getting Stuff Done

When I first moved into my place, I bought some cheap storage containers because they fit on my oddly shaped shelves, and I could stack them. Right after I started using them, I realized that they didn’t really seal, and air and determined little moths could get right into them. That really defeated the entire purpose of having my supplies stored in them, but since I had them, I still used them.

Retired Storage Containers

(These unwanted items will hopefully find a more appreciative home thanks to a thrift shop.)

This was right around the time that the economy was going south, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend money on something I didn’t have to. Then when things picked back up, and I was no longer afraid of losing my job, replacing them wasn’t a priority for me. Inertia won.

Last Fall when I did my my semi-annual house clean out, I ditched all the unused containers of that type. It felt great to have space and not be wasting my very limited space on things I never used.

I’d been using the remaining containers and Ziplock bags to store all my dry beans and grain supplies. This past weekend I was trying to find a way to clear up more room around my canning supplies when it hit me: I could use all the quart sized canning jars that I’d bought ages ago but never used in the odd-sized cupboard.

I’m horrible at spacial relations, so I wasn’t sure if those quart sized jars really would fit on those shelves. I crossed my fingers and brought one up to test. It fit! That was all the inspiration I needed. I was on a repacking spree.

food storage, house cleaning, frugal, canning, organizing

(I wish I’d taken the before picture. At least I have the after to share.)

The whole dozen of the big jars are now in use, giving me plenty of space in my canning area.What a win/win situation: I didn’t have to spend any money to solve a long standing problem AND I have enough room for another canning fest!

What was the last item you were able to re-purpose? or Has inertia won out on a minor inconvenience for you?

2 thoughts on “Getting Stuff Done”

    1. I’m a pretty black and white type of gal, and it took me forever to realize I can use these jars for something other than canning. I had it in my head that that was what they were for. This is my first foray into storage containers. I’m loving it.


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