Mother’s Day Trip

I am currently visiting Ma for a long Mother’s Day weekend.

Ma and Tammy

I flew out on the red eye flight Friday night. I hadn’t done an overnight flight in well over a decade. I knew I’d be tired, but I’d never done the math before to figure out exactly why. From take off to landing, the times indicate seven and a half hours. Subtract the three hour time difference, and my “night” was shortened to only four and half hours. No wonder!

I didn’t sleep much on the flight. Fortunately, however, nature provided some excellent in-flight entertainment. I had a window seat, and we were flying over an electrical storm. Each lightening strike made all the clouds glow. It was beautiful!

Despite my lack of sleep, I actually felt okay. Saturday I went to Cracker Barrel (my favorite!) for breakfast with Tom. After we got home, Ma and I went on a tour of local plantation. It was short a short guided tour, and there was really nothing to take a picture of. Here’s a picture of the main house from their website.

Historic Stagville

Mother’s Day was fun. It started out by proving I can control the weather. I was at the half way mark in walking around Ma’s neighborhood when Tropical Storm Ana let loose with some rain. As I’ve mentioned before, I love walking in the rain, so that was a treat. I had a Shawshank moment with arms raised and looking up at the sky.

I took Ma out to lunch on the way to go see my sister, her husband, and my nephews in their new home. It was a great visit. I hadn’t seen them in nearly two years – holy cow had the boys grown! The oldest is now as tall as I am, and he’s only in junior high.

It has been a fun trip, and I still have one more day.

How did you spend Mother’s Day? or How do kids grow up so fast?

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Trip”

  1. That’s a great way to spend Mother’s Day. For me, it was my wife’s first mother’s day ever since my son was just born three weeks ago. It’s been so hectic that we basically did nothing – and absotlutely loved it. We did get Starbucks, I guess that’s something, but it was more a day to relax and get caught up – so far behind now.


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