The Time I

Recently I went down a rabbit hole on in this blog, clicking on different Related Links at the bottom of posts I hadn’t seen in ages – some of which I barely remember writing at all. One of the ones I stumbled across was “The Time I Got Questioned by the Cops.” Just seeing the title made me laugh. That led me to write “The Time I Set my Car on Fire.”

It was this exploration that made me realize that a well-written title of many of my stories could be more shocking than the story itself.

While I don’t want to become click bait – that is never a satisfying experience – I thought of a few of my excursions that I have done simply because the lead up would be hilarious.

The time I explored a porn shop in Geneva.


This was actually due to the fact that I thought there were two and a half days’ worth of sightseeing in that beautiful (and EXPENSIVE) city, when in fact 1 ½ days would have sufficed. Visiting the store was free, entertaining, and fun to put on Facebook!

The time I was a lingerie model for a private show

Doesn’t that sound awesome and at least a little naughty?!?!? Awesome, yes. Naughty, not so much. Ma and Tom were having a lingerie party (think Tupperware), and their friends and I modeled the clothing. Nothing risqué, and it was really comfortable stuff. I got a couple of pieces for my efforts. It was fun!

What are some titles you could give less exciting adventures? Or Have you ever scheduled more time to be in a city than it had things to do?

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