Update Edition

Wow! The last few weeks have been a blur. Right now I am on my second trip in only two weeks. Let me do my best to catch you up.

At the beginning of May, I took a trip to do some onsite research for my novel. Is it just me or does that sound so professional and author-y? The trip was wonderful.

Tammy's Trip

I was able to learn and incorporate local knowledge. When I’m reading, it’s the specific details that make a scene come to life. I hope I’m able to do the same with mine. I had a huge word count week, and the end of the first draft is in sight.

The day I got back from my trip, I got a call from the Humane Society saying that the kittens we had a hold on were available for adoption. One of my co-workers had fostered them, which is how we were able to get the hold. Everybody meet Bartles …


and Jaymes.


I’ve never raised kittens before. It’s definitely a learning experience. So much energy, and such sharp claws! I love them. They are adorable. They are currently still in kept in a separate room as we slowly introduce them to Lemon. Our girl is such a trooper, but very uncertain about these guys. We figure with time they will be the playmates she always wanted. Until then, after every kitten encounter we give her a catnip toy DH2U’s mom sent.

Lemon with toy

She really likes it.

With the getting of kittens, I’ve been thinking a lot about Carmen. I still miss her terribly. She would have hated Bartles and Jaymes out of principal. Knowing that makes me smile.

So, I had my trip for my book, kittens, and I’m currently visiting Ma and Tom for Mother’s Day. It has been a wonderful visit. I got to see my sister and her family. I’ve been on walks, and did a lot of relaxing. It is wonderful. Today we are going to a science museum. Very me and very fun.

Eventually life will get back to normal. I’m enjoying the flow until then.

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