A New Twist

I have been a firm believer in watching adaptations before reading the books that they are based on. That enables my mental picture to not influence my level of enjoyment on screen. Then there was American Gods, where I got to experience it both orders. The background concept for the book is what happens to… Continue reading A New Twist

Clips Episode

Golden Girls

Back in the old days, you know, like when I was growing up, television sitcoms would have an episode every season that was made up of clips from previous episodes loosely strung together by some new dialog. The Golden Girls was notorious for this, doing it much more often than any other show I remember.… Continue reading Clips Episode

What the F?

Murder, She Wrote

I’ve never considered myself to be a feminist. I’ve written about it before, calling it the “f word”. With so much going on in my life and with this election – thank goodness the vote is tomorrow – I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately. But first, a segue. For over a year… Continue reading What the F?

British Sensibilities

Career of Evil

A line in Career of Evil, a Robert Galbraith (JK Rowlings) novel, got me thinking. It was mentioned that the questions she asked were way too personal to be coming from a complete stranger. Upon reading that I immediately thought, “How British.” The level of personal space, in terms of what is acceptable from people… Continue reading British Sensibilities

Perfect Fit

Have you ever watched a new-to-you television show and instantly felt like you're home? My recent encounter with this phenomenon was the result of Amazon Prime. My admiration for Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezoz, started with an interview of his on the Oprah show, which I've discussed before. Well, Amazon Prime has started doing something I have… Continue reading Perfect Fit

Granting Wishes

Thanks to the magic of Hulu, I've discovered some great new-to-me shows. My favorite one to date was Jeremiah. It is cool to see Dylan from 90210, Theo from the Cosby Show and Mikey from The Goonies in very different roles. Recently we watched an episode in which the three main characters are presented with… Continue reading Granting Wishes